He’s like summer | Demi Flydi

His laughter…
I just love the way he laughs around me.
It’s special, I know.

His voice,
is my favorite sound on Earth…
a sweet lullaby when I lay beside him.

When our bodies touch…
God  that electricity, it amazes me
and I stand in burning desire for him.
I touch his shiny hair and taste his lips.
His lips feel like summer.
Hot, wild and wet.
What wouldn’tI give, to taste that perfection
And his ear…
Yes, I love to bite his ear and breath on
his neck.
I love his smell.
He makes me feel free,
Freedom is right only when you share it with someone,
so amazing, as him.
‘Cause he’s amazing!
Perilously amazing,
I’m forever his innocent baby!


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