Nightstalker στο DownTownLive

Undersound is proud to have NIGHTSTALKER back in the island presenting their new album «As Above So Below» at DownTown Live!

Wednesday 28th December 2016

Opening Acts : CRASH ‘N’ BURN and ORGASMATRON (Motörhead tribute band)

Tickets: Presale (starts December 2) 12€, At door 15€

SPECIAL OFFER: First 100 tickets for Nightstalker and 1000mods concerts, will be sold for 20€ both at our upcoming Undersound events, or you can contact any of the following persons: Antreas Kallis, Petros Koutzis, Constantinos Avgousti, Andri Polyviou.

Presale points:
Nicosia – DownTown Live, Ermou 261 Rock Bar, Rocka Rolla Wizard Rock Bar, Καφέ-Μπαρ Ρεμπελιό
Larnaca – Savino Rock Bar
Limassol – TBA



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